Hire a dedicated developer to cover your project needs
Are you looking for qualified developers to work remotely on your project or startup and you know who exactly you are looking for - just share the details with us. We can help by providing a perfect match in time and within the budget.
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You need to choose this cooperation model when
We can count many more aspect when choosing the cooperation model, but to our working experience we can highlight the following situations.
You are a startup that needs to go to market faster
So we propose to care about your project idea, count on us on the technical side. We can staff as many developers as you need.
The firm or a project requires extra expertise and developers to be added to your ongoing team
If you stack with hiring technical experts on your local market, you can use Twelven as an extra source for qualified team players able to cover your project pain points.
Your project has tight deadlines
Before getting started, we offer to audit or run discovery analyses of your project or issue in order to provide our expert estimate for your specific situation. We hope you will be surprised by our foresight and sensitive approach to your issue.
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Get in touch
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How the onboarding process looks like
We try to simplify the process as much as possible having in mind that time is a crucially important factor. Being flexible, the main steps could be as follows.
Requirements gathering
At this stage we collect all the requirements, including project details, specialists you need to add to your team, team size and workflow - all these details help us to provide the right specialist on your project. We also sign an NDA at this stage if required.
Team composition
Upon the successful completion of the previous step we choose the candidate CVs we assume make a perfect fit to the project requirements and send them for review. Usually it takes up to two working days to provide the candidates depending on the required and seniority level, tech stack etc.
Interview session
Here we are quite flexible to follow clients' best practices to choose and test a candidate. It can be a call or test tasks or both. Still we are quite initiative to describe our team member and suggest the way you can see his or her potential in full.
Successful team integration
Accumulated solid experience by adding a new member to a team we can recommend the working approach how smoothly we can arrange this. As a result you get the required developers being fully dedicated, just as the extension of your in-house team. The only difference is the team works remotely and we handle all the administration.
Trial period
Twelven team is open to suggest having this trial period to understand if the candidate chosen is indeed the team player you need. As well as to understand if we can build long term business relationships. So you can have it!
On demand team scaling
By this point we mean that we can stretch the team as well as decrease upon your request and project needs. We can always discuss this and choose the right team size within the budget and timeline mannered.
Hire developers
Hire developers
Why create a team with twelven
We can become your reliable digital partner in the era of fast growing technological impact. We care and are ready to help you to bring business activity to a whole new degree with powerful and working solutions that also make sense profit-wise.
Business goals go first
We believe that every software solution should be integrated into business should have a reason.That is why we invest our time and efforts to investigate the business we are going to deal with, how we can improve it from a technical perspective and bring ROI.
Team of Experts
We are a well balanced team of developers able to cover a wide range of technologies at different expert levels; serve and advise on such domains as E-commerce, FinTech, Healthcare, etc.
Transparent Cooperation
Transparency is the code of conduct we build from the very first email or call and keep though the whole engagement process. Should it be the person you're in touch with or the time tracking report we provide or the possible project pitfall we foresee and need to discuss with you.
Access to the resource pool
Having an in house team, we have selected a pool of professionals able to become your next team member. We can handle all the administration.
Quick assignment kick off
Treating time as a valuable resource, we've carefully optimised our internal processes that way, providing kick off a developer in 3-5 days from the request to project integration.
What are the legal aspects of hiring a dedicated team? What about intellectual property rights?
We keep as the reality the fact that all the intellectual property and project assets (code, design and other sensitive details) belong to a client only. And before any engagement we send to review and sign the following documents:

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The document states that information should be kept confidential, that a person or a 3d party can use the disclosed information for the project purposes only.
Master Services Agreement (MSA). This document lays out general conditions for the cooperation where you want to describe the terms of payment, and intellectual property rights, rights and obligations of both parties.
Statement of Work (SOW). It goes as supplementary agreement for MSA, where we can specify the scope of work, the deliverables, the schedule, the acceptance criteria, the duration, the standards, and any other terms, conditions, or special requirements for the future project. Usually we have one MSA and several SOW if we have a few different projects with one client.
How can I track the process and progress?
You can easily do it via the tracking tools we work with, like Jira or Asana or any tool client is going to use. Plus we share the spent efforts reports where we provide all the details about the task, who is responsible for it, time logged and comments if required. it can be sent monthly or weekly, depending on a working sprint settled. An example of such a document can be sent upon request.
How does the billing process look like?
All the billings are based on spent efforts reports we send to the client to review and approve. We set the final invoice sum price by multiplying the hourly rate on the number of hours we actually spent on the project sprint. A client can plan the budget by the following scheme: we have 5 working days in a week, so 5 days with 8 work hours in each would make 40 hours per week. If we don't have anything to discuss per it and it's accepted, we issue the invoice. We usually have NET15 or NET30 payment conditions.
Do I need to assign a PM from my side?
No, when creating a team for the particular project we have two options to follow. Where the client provides the management or it's on Twelven team. In any way we do believe that a project manager is a strictly required position to help programmers provive the results in time and within the budget. Plus we assign a contact person for any non-technical issues for troubleshooting and accounting. Meaning that each of the project sides is treated by a special person.
What should I do if the selected developer provides poor results?
No worries, it might happen - so that's why we have a pilot period (its timeline can be specified individually with the client), where we learn how to work together, try skills and keep an eye on effectiveness. If something goes wrong, just let us know beforehand and we provide other candidates and run the knowledge transfer at our own expense.
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