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Full-cycle custom software development services from idea nurturing to project launch and support.
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You have a precise scope of the project and its clear vision with a slight possibility to change anything within the development roadmap
You are a startup and need to discuss your project idea with the expert team and determine the scope for MVP to check first if it's feasible or not.
Is this about you?
Get in touch
Get in touch
As tech consultants, we get it when you need Agile, and when you don't. With this in mind, we know what works best for you, based on your feedback.
Learning and Planning
A stage to you and gather your requirements to work with them further. The more we know the better journey we can have. But we sure, we like asking the questions!
Here is where the magic begins, where even just rough ideas come to shape and become visible. Trust the team to make it happen.
A moment to transform your idea into a full-fledged solution. We also check on your feedback to keep the solution on point at all times while running tests continuously.
Go Live
We launch your solution to production, where your users and partners can bring valuable feedback and make your product even better.
Warranty period and support
The next stage to polish the app and make it even better. With our 3 month period support we can focus on new features while polishing the current app version free of charge to you.
Project Ideas all around
We know how to work with multiple projects and ideas along the way, we're open to discuss, not compromising on quality. Speak up!
Get in touch
Get in touch
What we provide
Speak Up Risks Approach
Before we start any project or even a small piece of it, we sound and discuss all the possible pitfalls clients should know. Once discussed the right alternative or way out is suggested.
Team Involvement and Communication
You will work not just with the coders, but the people who strive to give real value to your project and business, being the true team and partners. Accurate reports we provide break any concerns you may have.
Whatever- What Contact Person
You will be supported by a personal manager who will be your project insider and provide all the details you need, should they be technical or friendly reminders to check the next invoice to pay.
How long will it take to get an estimate from you?
Usually it takes up to 24h to be ready with it. During this time we are in touch with you, should we have any questions to clear to prepare the estimate accurately.
Do you have a minimum engagement?
We set no entry thresholds for people who want to work with us. But we strongly believe that a project that needs to be designed and developed can't be made within a couple of days -- we need some time to research, analyze and come up with a development strategy. From our experience an MVP takes around 40h.
If I have a small task, can you help me with it?
Exactly! For us it does not matter the size or scope of the possible project, we are here to provide real help by the expertise we have and can share to better your business. Please feel free to contact us.
How can I be sure you don't reuse my code?
Before any project details discussion, we send to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement for our client to be more comfortable to share project details. We also have a specific clause in the Master Service Agreement precisely dedicated to IP rights, where it is stated that we provide services and the code doesn't belong to us.
What if something goes wrong with the code after you release it?
For such cases, we provide 2-3 month warranty period, where we fix any issues* in the code and its performance. So you just need to let us know and we fix them free of charge for you.
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